Facts Regarding: Virtual Office Space


Virtual office means the paid service of employees and business heads without involving any dedicated office space. It is the range of business place led by the internet. The virtual office space helps to make and maintain its presence in desired location without the condition of paying any rent for the actual space. The virtual office space in Noida has enabled a huge scope for the business sector,especially start-up businesses. These are availing growth in a recessionary economy as businesses seem to reduce expenses while keeping a high professionalism.

The virtual office space provide the followings-

  • A portal address for a business: the businesses, which do not have an actual address, this virtual office space gives them a portal address for recognition of the organization. This helps the business to seem more prestigious and professional look.
  • The virtual office gives a dual advantage in giving an address in whichever city you need to establish the business which would marginalize the gap created by established brand value.
  • This provides a receptionist because it makes the virtual office the less virtual to the customers and colleagues. It is an automated system and can be enjoyed without involving expensive equipment. The traditional receptionist tends to work 8-10 hours per day but virtual one gives full time assistance with automated systems.
  • This may also include- creation of a website, business cards, and attorney consultations.
  • Envelop open and scan service:if you got an email sent to the address that you are not, it is the service which helps to scan and email over to you so that it goes according to your admin image.
  • Meeting rooms: this virtual office space gives you the meeting space in spite of not having a “full time” desk.
  • Phone and voicemail services: the virtual office service helps to manage all the phone calls. You do not have to provide personal mobile.
  • Voicemail: – this is a low cost technology that stores voice messages electronically.it is more convenient than typing email or writing a letter.

These are some of the services that virtual office space provides. Some might help you less and some help more. Apart from that, you will find a number of furnished offices in Noida which are designed to cater the need of the users.

The idea behind “virtual office space”

The idea of this fact came and evolved from a combo of technology and information which adds to business needs. The internet platforms like – Skype, hangouts, Google,Instagram, etc. have empowered business owners to reduce the cost of space rentals. It also allows more flexible work environment as there is an “online” trend prevailing. Thestart-up businesses get a prestigious label with its help.

This is virtually the only option for successful start-ups and well established businesses with good cash flow for funding. The virtual office blends home and work, while it retains professionalism of high cost office. The users are getting advantages and the receptionists reduce the traditional burden of healthcare, patrol,rents,records and insurance. And also the traditional time offs like sick days, personal leaves;vacations etc. is not applicable to virtual staff