What Are the Benefits of Virtual Numbers?


IP services such as IP telephony are available through the packet switched network provided by network operators and encompass most services such as voice call, fax, and other forms of information.

The Public Switching Telephone Network was originally used to transfer data over the circuit switched network, but there was a dire need to look for alternatives which reduced the discrepancies of PSTN such as the set up of the circuit before data transfer and intersymbol interference.

IP came up with a novel method of converting the data into a packet switched network which can be easily transmitted over the network. It enables long code text messaging but a challenge that is posed in front of IP is the order of flow of data which can be changed when the packets take any route to reach the destination. The user at the destination may not get the data in the same flow. These problems can be averted by using virtual numbers. These numbers help in reducing the long distance charges which are incurred by the users who frequently make long distance calls.

Benefits of virtual numbers

  1. Virtual numbers are uniquely used as they help a user present in one region with a single area code contact a person present in another area with a separate area code with the prices of a local call. Users who usually need to make long distance calls can make full use of this facility.
  2. In order to obtain a virtual number that is offered to VoIP (Voice over IP) users along with a virtual SMS phone number, the user must contact the service provider. The calls made on this number by other users are routed as a local call to this user effortlessly. The user is charged a monthly fee for keeping the virtual number.
  3. The virtual number with ‘find me/follow me’ services can be traced from a sea of phone numbers that are present at several locations at the time of a call request.
  4. The phone calls that were made earlier depended on phone numbers being mapped to a physical location, where a physical connection was dropped by the service provider in the location the phone number was assigned to. After several rounds of deliberations such as expensive PBX systems with routing smarts, IVRs, and voicemail applications, it reached the business. Virtual numbers help in making the process easier as the physical limitation has been eradicated and companies don’t need to depend upon physical limitations to use the number with a more flexible setting.

Most companies that are globally renowned and have multiple departments which have to be coordinated overseas. The customer is given only a single line of digits to contact for any discrepancy and based on the customer’s selection from the menu of choices, the customer is directed to the necessary department through the virtual number. The business is thus kept afloat through the use of virtual numbers. This also helps in online business portals and they can use virtual numbers to cater to their customers