3 Top Tips For Exhibiting At Your First Trade Show


Trade shows are a vital part of any business and can really help your company in lots of ways, from expanding your client base to generating leads and creating contacts in your industry

However, they’re also pretty tough to crack. Not only do you have to justify the expense of exhibiting in the first place, you also have to make it worth your while once you’re there. And, with a lot of competition, it can be hard to stand out.

Never fear, though, because with a bit of preparation and the right tools, you can really use trade shows to your advantage.

With that in mind, we’ve found three top tips for exhibiting at your first trade show, so you can maximise your return.

Promotional items

One of the best ways to make sure you’re getting your name out there at a trade show is to order promotional material.

You need to make sure that your company brand is visible on every item so that people remember your business and your work long after they’ve left and ensure that the item is not only eye-catching and professionally designed, but useful too!

We spoke to Stitch Embroidery UK, specialists in promotional material, who said: “Nearly all the stands will be offering pens and pencils, so try to think of something that’s a bit more unusual but still handy, such as a USB stick or a key torch, so that they don’t just end up in the bin!

“It’s also a good idea to order some branded clothing, such as high-quality t-shirts, so that your staff look professional, appealing, and someone potential clients would like to work with!” 

Create an inviting space

However, promotional items will only work if your trade stand looks inviting and professional as, without this, people are unlikely to approach you in the first place.

At your first show, it’s tempting to cram as much information about your company, clients, and work as possible into the tiny space, with tables ending up covered with leaflets and products.

However, it’s much better to leave plenty of space for you to engage your visitors and ensure that your stand looks tastefully arranged, as a hectic space will put plenty of people off. After all, the reason you’re there is to convert customers, and if there’s nowhere to interact with them, you’re unlikely to do that.

Similarly, make sure you make use of lots of engaging colours (as long as they’re on brand) and try to mix up your approach, using visuals, your staff, interactive elements and more, to keep it engaging and inviting. 

Prepare your team

Finally, you might have the best products and clients in the world but, if your staff aren’t prepared, you’re unlikely to achieve much.

Establish a training program weeks in advance, as well as a personnel rota, to ensure that your team know your products and your business inside out, as well as how best to deliver your message to the people visiting your stand.

It’s also good to ensure your team know the trade show objectives before attending, in order to target their delivery much more effectively.

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