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009 Jeannie Spiro and Kerry Swetmon │ Find the Gold in Your Story

The success of your business depends on your ability to connect with the right people.  In … [Read More...]

Ali Masterclass

Why You Should Not Wait for a Clear Vision Before You Move Forward

Written by Guest Blogger (and my business mentor of 3 years): Ali Brown Whenever I’m … [Read More...]

Featured Post

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Speaking Online: Why Your Story Is Just As Important As Your Content

Written by Online Business Expert: Jeannie Spiro Some years back when I started out … [Read More...]

ryan currie bizshark

Which “Shark” Matches Your Business Style Best?

  The cultural juggernaut Shark Tank (on ABC) has taught us everything about the … [Read More...]

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3 Basic Steps to Start A Buzz & Build Engagement

Written by LBG Guest Blogger: Glad Doggett Nothing feels worse than writing your heart and soul into a blog post, then sitting back and waiting for engagement or support from “friends and followers.” When your post gets no reTweets, no shares, or no comments, your heart feels as hollow as a … [Read More...]


7 Steps to Protecting Your Business Website

Written by LBG Guest Blogger: Brittany Thorley Being an online merchant ensures you can get your products, service or brand out there to the people who matter, however, the World Wide Web does have its dangers. In 2012, some 90% of businesses fell victim to cyber attacks, leaving their company … [Read More...]


Problem Solving for Success

Written by LBG Expert: Su-Mari DuBruyn In business and in life you will, from time to time, encounter some problems…sometimes more often than you would prefer. Although there is an abundance of problem solving tools, some of these tools are complex and cumbersome. The key to effective problem … [Read More...]

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