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Top 10 Design Tips That Will [might] Blow Your Mind

Some time ago, I met this uber cool graphic designer, Louise Clark.  Louise has this super … [Read More...]

Blog Publishing Checklist

Blog Publishing Checklist

Something big is brewing behind the scenes here at Life Business Growth.  I’ll keep you … [Read More...]

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Facebook Ads: How to Not Get Your Account Shut Down

Assuredly you’ve heard about all the changes with Facebook advertising lately.   A lot of … [Read More...]

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Tools for Naming Stuff

Ever felt the pressure of naming something?  Whether a product, service or even a business … [Read More...]

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Creating the Space and Energy for a Brilliant 2015

The New Year is a good time to reorganize some things to ensure a positive flow in your life and business. While some people manage just fine in organized chaos, I think most people agree that planned, tidy and neat is a far better way to live.  In fact, Feng Shui experts are great proponents of … [Read More...]


5 Secrets to Manifesting Success

I have to tell you, I’m really, REALLY excited about the upcoming year. I feel such a palpable energy around my business and life.  There’s something about the beginning of a brand new year, no?  And while I’m a big advocate (and student) of living in the moment, I feel the start of a new year and … [Read More...]


015 Stephanie Calahan │ Don’t Let Visibility Blocks Sabotage Your Success

One of the fastest ways for you to reach more people, so you can serve more people is to get your message out far and wide.  We all know that using different media to teach and market is a tremendous way for our ideal clients to find us.  Yet, we put off those things that we know will produce … [Read More...]

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